What is Look, Cook, and Eat?

Look, Cook, and Eat (LCE) is a digital cooking magazine for people with intellectual or learning challenges, designed to promote an independent lifestyle for people who live semi- or totally independently and want to gain life skills in the kitchen.

How Does It Work?

With a yearly subscription, you’ll have access (by computer or tablet) to new menus every other month (six issues per year). Every recipe in every menu will have photos of ingredients and tools needed and short, simple videos to show you how to make it. You'll receive an email when a new issue is available.

How Do I Subscribe?

It's easy! Just scroll down to the PayPal button below and click on it. Once you enter your information on PayPal's secure website, you'll receive an email from LCE with additional instructions for setting up your account. After that, just sign in any time you're ready to get cooking!

  • Is There a Video?

    Yes! Watch this promotional video to see what LCE is all about.

  • How Do I Start?

    Purchase a one-year subscription to Look, Cook, and Eat for just $30 using your credit card or PayPal account. With a subscription you get forever-access to a whole year's worth of easy and delicious menus--that's 54 recipes for 55 cents each!

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  • Already a Subscriber?

    The first issue of Look, Cook, and Eat is ready to go! Click the button below to see the first issue. Logon with the username (usually your email address) and password you set up during registration.

    Problems logging on? Just email accounts@lookcookandeat.com.

  • Who Are We?

    The creators of LCE have decades of experience creating and designing cooking magazines. With backgrounds in writing, art direction, recipe development, food photography, videography, and styling, they bring the winning combination of skill and passion to LCE!

  • Will LCE work on my Computer or Tablet?

    We designed Look, Cook, and Eat to run on the web with your computer or tablet. This helps make LCE accessible to the largest audience possible. It will run well in nearly any modern browser. All versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Mobile Safari, and Android's browser from the last few years should be compatible. You can test your device on this page.

    If you want to use Internet Explorer, you must use IE 11. It does work fine in the new Edge browser from Microsoft (so if you have Windows8 or Windows10, you probably can't go wrong).

    However, LCE is not designed for small screen devices like smart phones. It will not work in the first generation iPad, or with older Android tablets. It also will not work on any version of Internet Explorer before version 11. You cannot use LCE with javascript disabled. Support for Amazon's Fire Tablet and its Silk Browser is coming soon!

LCE Blog: Welcome to Look, Cook, and Eat!

Wow, does it feel good to finally say that! After years of thinking and imagining this crazy project; after taking a huge leap last year by putting the idea “out there” for the world to see and launching a Kickstarter campaign (and succeeding in getting it funded, thanks to you, you, and you!), and after spending the year since the campaign working with talented, generous people and making it a reality, our premier issue of LCE is at last ready for prime time!

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