What is Look, Cook, and Eat?

Look, Cook, and Eat (LCE) is a digital cooking magazine for people with intellectual or learning challenges, designed to promote an independent lifestyle for people who live semi- or totally independently and want to gain life skills in the kitchen.

How Does It Work?

With a yearly subscription, you’ll have access (by computer or tablet) to new menus each month. Every recipe in every menu will have photos of ingredients and tools needed and short, simple videos to show you how to make it.

How Does It Look?

Super-cool! LCE is designed to work on computers or tablets, with big photos, simple words (in case reading is difficult), and easy navigation tools. Bright colors, clean design, and a sense of fun will help keep users engaged and entertained, as well as successful!

  • Is There a Video?

  • Who Are We?

    The creators of LCE have decades of experience creating and designing cooking magazines. With backgrounds in writing, art direction, recipe development, food photography, videography, and styling, they bring the winning combination of skill and passion to LCE!

  • How Do I Start?

    LCE subscriptions coming soon!

Happy New Year, Backers!


Here’s to an epic 2015! It’s been a bit since our last update, but we’ve been working hard and I’m pleased to report that this selfie kicked off our first video filming session the week before Christmas! We got three menus done (a breakfast of French toast “muffins”, microwave sausages, and vanilla milk; a lunch of BLT wraps, fruit salad, and chocolate cake in a cup; and, skillet lasagna, garlic toast, and shake up salad for dinner!), and Jess (she’s our videographer and is at the left in the photo above) got the BLT clips edited over the weekend. THEY LOOK SO COOL!!!! I’m gonna see if she can put a quick “teaser” clip together for you all to see because the kitchen looks fantastic and the videos are lots of fun. You need to get a look at them (because it is, after all, underwritten by you!).

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